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Florence Body Frame & Towing
8519 U.S. 42
FlorenceKY 41042
 (859) 647-0230
Florence Body Frame & Towing  |  8519 U.S. 42 FlorenceKY41042  |  (859) 647-0230

Reviews Of Florence Body Frame & Towing

5.00 28 Reviews
Michael Wagner
Oct 20, 2017

I've only used their towing service but am very happy with them. They were polite, prompt, with excellent equipment and my driver was great. Also, their hookup and milage fees are less than many others. I highly recommend them.

Adam Sebastian
Oct 14, 2017

Christian Morales
Sep 20, 2017

I called and a representative named Amber answered and she was soooo polite and really gave me all the info i needed and i couldnt be happy to talk to someone who wasnt in a rush nor gave me attitude, this person deserves a recognition

Adam Sebastian
Sep 18, 2017

Shannan Currier
Aug 15, 2017

Awesome Work,Amazing Service!

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